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Welcome to the world of Thomson Produce Ltd. We supply all grades of Potatoes, Root Vegetables, Fruits and also Salads to the Wholesale, Catering & Processing Industry.


Our head office is in New Covent Garden Market, London, packing station in Spalding, Lincs, and distribution depots in Spalding & Boston, Lincolnshire.


Our salesman work around the clock to source and supply all Wholesele Produce Markets throughout the UK from Brighton through to Glasgow. We also offer a nationwide supply service to the processing, wholesale & prepared produce industries. We have recently introduced a new pallet service for the Fish & Chip trade and we are able to deliver specialist frying / chipping potatoes to almost all high streets (please enquire with your post code).


Our aim is to deliver the freshest quality produce with a same day/next day delivery service at the most competitive price. The experience our produce merchants have to offer goes back over 50 years of trading Potato & Vegatables into the wholesale markets and building up long term relationships with hundreds of farmers across the country.


Our seasonal produce is picked & harvested on the same morning as sold to you, washed & packed the same day & delivered to your premises on that same evening. That is the FRESH we're talking at Thomson Produce.


Feel free to take a look through our product guide to see what we have on offer and check out our contact information or simply enquire now


We look forward to your enquiry. 

Tony Thomson

65+ 25kg Best Bag Bakers Available



Arrived! Our very own exclusive chipping potatoes are now available to order,  Packed with the chefs favourite potato variety 'Agria' XL especially for POMME NEUF Have a look today!

Arrived! - We have just succesfully started our own branded box bakers in all sizes (40's,50's,60's,80's), for more information feel free to see more info or contact us 

Now Available


Earths Harvest Potatoes 


'Fresh and Tasty'


UK New Crop


Jelly is a smooth skinned, long oval variety with rich yellow flesh. With medium Dry Matter, Jelly makes attractive golden roast potatoes or chips, and is a very good all rounder. With long Dormancy and good storage qualities, Jelly is now available all year round.


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