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We are always on the look out for new products, so if there are products you are interested in and are not below feel free to send us an email or give us a call and our procurement team will try their very best to find the right produce for you.

Abreys top quality Annabelle & Maris Peer Variety Box Mids Now Available for purchase, Contact us for more information


Arrived! Our very own exclusive chipping potatoes are now available to order,  Packed with the chefs favourite potato variety 'Agria' XL especially for POMME NEUF Have a look today!

Arrived! - We have just succesfully started our own branded box bakers in all sizes (40's,50's,60's,80's), for more information feel free to see more info or contact us 

Now Available


Earths Harvest 'Jelly' Potatoes 


'Fresh and Tasty'


UK New Crop


Jelly is a smooth skinned, long oval variety with rich yellow flesh. With medium Dry Matter, Jelly makes attractive golden roast potatoes or chips, and is a very good all rounder. With long Dormancy and good storage qualities, Jelly is now available all year round.


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